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I love forced haircuts, and so a repurposed barber chair for bondage immediately gets me hard. The problem with forced haircuts is the “forced” part. Since I have to give consent to begin with, the fantasy can quickly be sapped of its energy in a real life scene.

The way to resolve that is to do be willing to leave out all of the specifics. Give the top free reign to get creative, with few limits on what he can take (I always ask to keep my eyebrows). Don’t specify a specific type of cut or make any requests. Let him know that anything goes, including humiliation cuts. For several months before the scene, grow your hair out into a longer style, something you like, something that looks good. That way the top has something legitimate to take from you.

Don’t specify a date, let the top decide when and where he’ll make his move and pull out the clippers and shaving cream. I like not knowing it will happen until I hear the buzz as the razor touched my head. For it to be “forced” it really has to be “forced”. The bondage has to be tight and complete enough to prevent twisting away or risk getting cut. The straps in this picture would be effective, but so would full body duct taped to a chair, or standing stocks, or a straitjacket as long as it is firmly fixed to something.

I used to fantasize about forced induction cuts, making me look like an Army or Marine recruit. That can be hot, but a humiliation cut is even hotter. Criss cross a pattern, give me a sideways Mohawk, shave the top of my head but leave the sides to mimic early pattern baldness. Then take me out in public that way. Make it so my only recourse is to shave it all the way down to the skin and start growing it out all over again.


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