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The two brothers moved into the house down at the end of our block in April of 1974.The older brunet had shoulder length hair and his little blond brother had a “pudding-bowl”, The weekend after school let out, they came over to play, and when i opened the door, they were standing there with these haircuts! I almost fell on the floor. They had both gotten super high crewcuts! I had a hard time not staring at their haircuts while we hung out and played. I made sure that we stayed close to the house so my mom would see their super short haircuts. It worked. She remarked on how crisp and neat they looked, and how “fuzzy wuzzy” I was. The next time they went to the barbershop, my mom gave me money and told me to go with them. I didn’t know what to ask the barber for, as my mom usually cut my hair for me. But it didn’t matter; the barber took one look at my mop and did away with any scissors or comb, and put the smallest blade on the big red Oster clippers and skinned my head higher and tighter than theirs. I felt 5 pounds lighter, and though my mom didn’t like it and made me grow it back out, that was the best summer “skitch” I ever had, until I met my wife. She told me that their haircuts weren’t short enough, and now I get ┬ámy H&T flattop re-sheared every week.

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